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Aesthetics by Dr Farah

Dr. Farah Khan attained her Medical Degree (MBChB) at the University of Leicester in 2015. She has since worked in the NHS and has spent the most recent 2 years undertaking her Core Surgical Training in Exeter and has achieved a Diploma of Membership with the Royal College of Surgeons. Her Aesthetic training has been undertaken at Harley Street, London.

All treatments will have a consultation and be administered by Dr. Farah.

Botulinum Toxin: The treatment aims to relax the facial muscles in order to prevent expression wrinkles. Choose area(s) from Glabella, Frontal and Crow’s feet.


1 Area- £175

2 Areas- £215

3 Areas- £275

Males (Price increase due to more Botulinum Toxin used)

1 Area- £199

2 Areas- £245

3 Areas- £295

Cheek Definition

After a thorough consultation with our Aesthetic Doctor, a quantity of hyaluronic acid filler will be injected in your cheeks area to meet your expectations.

1ml (Juvederm Voluma) from £299

Lips Enhancement

Injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips for volumising the lips bow purpose. The lips are numbed before injection for the most comfortable experience.

1ml (Juvederm Volbella) £295