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Our Covid 19 guidelines are set out to keep everyone safe.

When visiting the salon please respect our guidelines

We have made lots of changes to the salon to ensure we are Covid safe and that our customers can visit us with confidence. 

Firstly, there will be Perspex screens at the nail stations between us (the therapist) and you (the client). This decision has been made as an added protection for us as we are sat in very close proximity to our clients for at least 30 minutes at a time, we are aware that these screens will not stop us from getting the virus but they definitely help deferrer air born droplets which will have time to drop to the earth before hitting us.

We have also invested in dust extractors for the nail desks as nail enhancements cause a considerable amount of dust which can act as a transportation service for the virus. By having the extractors to suck up the dust we are again limiting the chances of transmission of the virus.

Masks will always be worn by therapists and we will ask clients who are having beauty treatments in to also wear a mask.

Therapists will always be wearing gloves and change after every client.

As therapists we always work to the highest level of hygiene within the salon which will obviously continue, and we have taken a Covid 19 awareness course, so we are 100% aware of added risks and what to do about them.

We will also have to make some changes to the way you visit he salon to ensure the safety of yourself and others during this time and we will be asking the following from our clients at every appointment until we are advised otherwise:

• Come to your appointment alone (no friends, no children, no pets)

• Come to your appointment on time (please do not arrive early as this may result in you waiting outside as waiting inside the salon will no longer be permitted)

• Please come to the salon with minimal jewellery on, leave any watches, bangles etc at home.

• Before entering the salon please use the sanitizer gel provided at the salon entrance.

• Once inside the salon please go to the bathroom and wash your hands for 20-30 seconds.

• We will then take you to your treatment area. Where there will be sanitizer gel provided.

• Please register a card to the Fresha booking system so that we can take you payment completely contactless.

• If you have ANY of the Covid 19 symptoms 24-48 hours before your appointment, please re-arrange the appointment at least 14 days from the date the symptoms started.

• If you are coming from your place of work, please change your clothes before coming to your appointment.

• We also ask if you could please wear a face covering into the salon.

• Please only bring essentials into the salon and only touch your belongings when absolutely necessary (for payments and making appointments).

Appointments will now be more limited due to having to add an extra 15 minutes between each appointment to allow for sanitization time so please book your appointments in advance, and a £5 surcharge will be added to longer appointments.

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